SPbSPU (40K) Elena A. Ivanova
St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Petersburg (12K)

Mechanics of elastic rods

The lecture course is based on the monography:

Zhilin P.A. Applied mechanics. Theory of thin elastic rods. St. Petersburg: SPbGPU. 2007. 98 p. (In Russian)

The lecture course presents a statement of the dynamic theory of thin spatially bent and naturally twirled thermo-elastic rods. The stated rods theory has been constructed by P.A.Zhilin in 1987-2005. Zhilin's rods theory takes into account all basic kinds of deformation: a bend, torsion, a stretching, cross shear strain. The method of construction of Zhilin's rods theory essentially differs from known methods and it can be easily transferred to other objects of solid mechanics. The stated theory includes all known variants of the rods theory, but possesses wider area of applicability. As against all known theories, Zhilin's rods theory describes experimentally known effect, consisting in that rod is shortened at its torsion.

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