SPbSPU (40K) Elena A. Ivanova
St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Petersburg (12K)

Mechanics of elastic shells

The lecture course is based on the monography:

Zhilin P.A. Applied mechanics. Foundations of the shells theory. St. Petersburg: SPbSPU. 2006. 167 p. (In Russian)

The lecture course includes the general theory of simple shells and the theory of shells of constant thickness. The main attention is given to statement of a method of construction of the shells theory. The stated method has been developed by P.A.Zhilin in 1975-1984. Zhilin's method essentially differs from all known variants of construction of the shells theory. Zhilin's method can be easily transferred to other objects of solid mechanics. The main feature of the method, that it gives possibility to study shells of a complex internal structure when traditional methods of construction of the shells theory are not applicable. For shells of constant thickness made of an isotropic material Zhilin's method allows to obtain results which are well coordinated to the results obtained by the classical methods and give the excellent consent with the 3D-theory of elasticity at any external forces, including the concentrated forces.

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