SPbSPU (40K) Elena A. Ivanova
St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Petersburg (12K)

Classical mechanics

The lecture course is based on the monography:

Zhilin P.A. Theoretical mechanics. Fundamental laws of mechanics. St. Petersburg: SPbGPU. 2003. 340 p. (In Russian)

The course of classical mechanics represents a lecture course by P.A.Zhilin adapted for students of technical faculties. Difference of the course from traditional textbooks on classical mechanics is that the basic object is not a material point, but a body-point, i.e. a particle with rotation degrees of freedom, possessing inertia on turns. Interaction of particles of such a kind is characterized by concept "influence" which includes two vectors - a vector of force and a vector of moment. In general case the vector of moment is not reduced to concept of the moment of force, but is independent characteristic of interaction. The axiomatics of influences is stated in detail. A body of general kind is defined as set of bodies-points. Dynamic structures - kinetic energy, momentum end angular momentum are considered for bodies-points and bodies of general kind. Three fundamental laws of mechanics: the equation of balance of momentum (the first law of dynamics by Euler), the equation of balance of angular momentum (the second law of dynamics by Euler) and the equation of balance of energy are formulated. The course contains a plenty of examples.

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